I always wanted to go to New York
And now, what's just happening to me?
I cannot move any further than this
This is the place where I have to stay
Because you wanted me to

And I've got no reasons to complain
The ticket I bought years ago is no longer valid
They just didn't let us go
And I just forgot when I had to leave
Because you wanted me to

Central Park was always a dream
Lying there in the cold cold snow
Watching Snow Flakes dance
and Ice Dancers glance
And thinking about home in New York
NY have you left me here
and where are you now?
Only in my head or also in my heart?
Only in my head or also in my heart?

There are so many songs about you
By R.E.M and Jay-Z, by Kettcar and Tomte, by Ryan A. and Frank S.
But none expressing my t's and f's so well

Now how can I come
saying I miss you although we've never met?
But we never will
No we never, never will
For having you on my mind
Just like Georgia, I'll always love you


from from EPstein to New York, released February 6, 2014
M/T Mary Jane Insane



all rights reserved


Mary Jane Insane Hamburg, Germany

MJI* a singer-songwriter from southern germany, started vomiting her feelings on stage in 2010.
When her fingers tell the stories on her guitars' strings and her voice paints pictures in the air we feel that "insanity" is just a matter of opinion. For still she says that making music is like therapy when she talks about losses, passions and wishes. All year long she is on stages in germany & EU. ... more

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